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Lions In Queen Elizabeth National park(tree climbing lions ishasha sector)


Queen Elizabeth national park is mostly known for its tree limbed climbing lions in ishasha sector the southern remote part of Queen Elizabeth national park and Queen Elizabeth national park has branded and mostly visited because of its tree climbing lions and other savannah lions and the tree limbed climbing can also be less seen explored in the plains of Kidepo valley national park and Murchison falls national park

Tree climbing lions like to climb fig trees after their meals to rest and this experience helps them to watch their preys because of high savannah in Queen Elizabeth national park with high savannah.


Their names inspires everything from earth to earth lions and among the best species in the world in the world and the following are the facts about lions.

  1. Lions Avery social to each other

About the big cats species in the world none of them that social like lions. Living together in large groups in group of 15- 45 group (known as prides). There have been report that some prides has up to 60 lions. The prides only has few males, adults females and cubs.

  1. Female lions do most of hunting while male lions are responsible for protecting.

Male lions have memes to sense the danger while female lions when it comes to hunting they actually do the best do most of the work. When we say most of work we mean 75%-90% however male lion can’t be right enough as well they have an incredible danger of work to protect the territory and this not small task and the pride territory can extend up to 100sq miles. Additional even if this lions have challenges by others predators like hyena, leopards and tigers.

  1. Lions are efficient hunters.

Lions a built to be best of the best in hunting, from its muscular body to its body to remain UN seen and its efficient killer. Lions eye sight that is 6 times more sensitive to light than even human. This makes them special when it comes hunting.

Physically lion’s a built to kill as well as first, they can reach speed of 50 miles per hour and jump to 30 feet, when you combine this it’s easy to see how they referred to as the king of jungle.

  1. Cubs are raised by female lions

One of the unique loins, lions actually meet after 2 years and after months can give two three months. Now they quiet few females in the pride and couple of males and many of females get pregnancy at the same time and actually nurse different mothers and this makes it easier for the pride to manage cubs.

  1. Lions are under threat.

The population of the lion in the world has decreased, about three years ago the world population numbered about 4000 today that number has decreased in a half. Scientist believe that years to come lions will come to extinct.

You can see tree climbing lions in ishasha sector on your visit to Queen Elizabeth national park all the time throughout the year on your game drive or with professional tracking with Uganda Wildlife Authority.

But you can participate in other activities while on your visit to Queen Elizabeth national park like boat cruise on kazinga channel, Lake George and Lake Edward, birding, chimpanzee trekking in kyambura gorge,   community visit and fishing and it’s only in queen where you have of chances’ of  viewing and meeting at least all big five species