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Mountain Elgon National Park

MOUNTAIN ELGON NATIONAL PARK (the world’s largest mountain caldera)

Mountain Elgon national park has the worlds  and largest caldera once upon time mountain was the highest mountain in the continent but volcanic eruptions took at all. This is the tell of the Garratt moutain whose unique ecological sceneries motivated the formation of Uganda’s protected area mountain elgon national park. Scientist believe that first eruption happened 24 million years ago and the second happened 12 million years ago

Mountain elgon national park derives its name from the biggest attraction Mount Elgon currently standing at 4321m above the sea level; this means wagagai peak is the highest peak of the mountain. It takes 4- 6 days to reach the highest peak on Mount Elgon and he shortest way is to take Budadiri trail. Mountain elgon has 4 trails where you can take up to wagagai peak and these are; Budadiri trail, Salsa trail, Sipi trail and Pisa trail.

Mountain elgon national park covers an area of 1279kmsq and is bisected by the border f Uganda and Kenya, the Uganda part cover 1110kmsq while Kenyan side 169kmsq even when the mountain sets both borders of eastern Uganda and western Kenya.

Over 2/3(two third) of the entire mountain Elgon and the highest peak allocated entirely in Uganda .it is the oldest and the largest volcanic mountain in Uganda and east Africa more so mountain has the largest volcanic base in the world

Mountain elgon national park was gazeted in 1968; the park is gifted with variety of breathtaking sceneries of cliffs, caldera, hot springs, waterfalls, gorges and mountain peaks

How to get to Mount Elgon national park

Mountain elgon national park lies about 235kmsq east of Uganda  accessible by road  after short distance for about 3-4 hours drive from kampala capital city of Uganda  via Jinja –Mbale road and then to the eastern base of mountain elgon.

These route presents to you with the amazing adventures along the way like mabira forest, sugarcane plantations in Lugazi, source of river Nile and lake Victoria

Travelers’ will be taken to the briefing point and the visitations sites of different trails o start their hiking to mountain Elgon national park or participating in other activities around mountain elgon national park

Activities to do in mountain elgon national park and outside

Climbing mountain elgon national park

Mountain elgon climbing is much cheaper compared to other mountains in the region like mountain rwenzori and it requires short time for about 4-6 days to reach its highest peak and also requires no technical skills and climbing requirements and all major peaks are accessible to hiked. Mountain elgon national park has 4 different trails but boss can make visitors to reach the peak at different intervals which some are long and other are short according to the starting points and the steep slopes along the way

Forest walks and nature walks

The climate around the Mount Elgon supports the growth of thick forest and other impressive vegetation covers that supports nature walks. While on your hiking the mountain you have chances of meet in variety birds, wildlife and thick montane forest.

On your nature walks you have high chance of enjoying primates like blue monkeys, vervet monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys and buffaloes.

Mountain biking in mountain elgon national park

The area around mountain elgon suopprts and has good biking trails. One of the best routes is starting from Sipi town to Kapchorwa. Travelers who intend to do mountain climbing visit Mountain elgon national park

Abseiling in mountain elgon national park:

Abseiling is going down the cliff with firm rope like device tired around your body. This is done on Sipi falls and its only area where this activity is done and the activity is guided by well trained instructors.

Rock climbing is also another activity around Sipi falls and takes for about 35 meters

When is the best time to visit mountain elgon national park

Visiting mountain elgon is mostly enjoyed during dry season from June to august and December to march but then during the wet season trekking is also manageable and quiet funny

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