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Why you should consider Uganda for your African safari holiday

Why you should visit Uganda as your number one destination

Game drives and wildlife viewing safaris

Uganda features superb national parks and wildlife  reserves that covers over 12,000sqkm and these include queen Elizabeth national park, Murchison falls national park, Kidepo valley national park, Kibale forest national park, Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, Lake Mburo national park, Mgahinga gorilla national , Rwenzori national park, Semuliki national park, MT Elgon national park and many other game reserves. This national parks offers 360 species of mammals with 50 large mammals species and all members of big five species including lions, elephants, buffaloes,leaopard, Rhinos

But game drives is mostly done in Uganda’s best savannah park that is queen Elizabeth national park for tree climbing lions, Kazinga channel and many crater lakes, Lake mburo national park with largest number of antelope species in Africa  including elands and dikers, Kidepo valley national located in the north east of Uganda which is the home of cheetahs in Uganda and it regarded has true wilderness and it was ranked by CNN as the best place for carrying out games drives in Africa because of its relatively flat savannah landscape, Semuliki national park also home to some  African antelopes and over 450 species of birds and Sempaya male and female hotspring and finally Murchison falls national park  that boosts most big games and the largest savanna park in Uganda and largest to all national parks in Uganda also. You can also do all of activities alongside wildlife safari in Uganda like boat cruise along Kazinga channel in queen Elizabeth national park and bottom of falls on River Nile in Murchison falls national park an hiking and crater drives , hot airballoon in all savanna parks

Enjoy guided adventure safari in comfortable safari vehicle with pop up for better wildlife viewing and photography for lifetime memories. You will have an opportunity to see some of the natives of Uganda national parks among which include are lions, crocodiles, hippos, zebras, buffaloes, elephants, impalas, elands, topis, Uganda kob, giraffes, baboons, chimpanzee and many more birds like the elusive shoebill stork, kingfishers, flycatchers, barberts

Birding safari in Uganda

Uganda is the leading number birding destination in Africa counting the 50% of Africa’s bird count and 11% of the world total count with approximately of over 1062 species of birds some of which are resident species and others are migratory from different continents and countries among which is the elusive shoebill stork and prestigious Uganda crane, flamingo birds, hornbills, ostriches among others. Uganda birding safari in Uganda rewards you with the chance to almost introduce to you all the species in the country that reside from different parts of the country from savanna parks, forests, swamps and community conservation projects like sanctuaries and we will see you visit queen Elizabeth national park, Bwindi forest national park, semuliki valley national park, Bundongo forest, Murchison falls national park, Mabamba birding swamp, Bigodi swamp, kibale forest among others.

Gorilla Trekking Safari

Bwindi impenetrable national park is home to over half of the remaining mountain gorillas in this world and this put the species under endangered species in the world. The ancient Bwindi forest was transformed into UNESCO world heritage and over thousand tourist visit this Bwindi for Gorilla trekking making it the first and leading earn destination in Uganda’s tourism sector.

An encounter with mountain gorillas in close contact is such a thrilling moment by meeting with the silverback standing upright and interacting with others. African skimmer tours offers you packages tours that gives you a chance to explore mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable forest, Mgahinga gorilla national park, volcanoes national park in Rwanda and Virunga gorilla national park in Congo for your mountain gorilla experience.

You’re allowed to go for gorilla trekking activity after getting gorilla permit from Uganda wildlife authority passing through registered tour operator in Uganda like africanskimmertours.com. Gorilla permits for foreign non- resident is USD700, foreign residents USD600 and east African residents at 250,000=ugx and you get chance to meet with the gentle apes


Uganda’s pristine rainforest protect a wealth of wildlife including over 13 primate species located in remote tropical rain forest. Uganda is also one of the top places in the world to see chimpanzees which abundant in Kibale forest national park, Budongo forest, Karinzu forest reserve and Kyambura gorge queen Elizabeth national park.

Chimpanzees are human’s closest relatives’ sharing 98.8% genetic material with the human being. This primates are very shy and easily disappear in the tree canopies, therefore on while tracking experience get your cameras on standby always.

African skimmer tours we organize full and enjoyable packages to all primate homes in Uganda for chimpanzee tracking. Plan your primate watching safari to Uganda in Kibale forest national park where you have all chances  of meeting with chimpanzee habituated in their natural environment and Kibale is known as number one destination for chimpanzee and primate experience in Africa known as ‘’primate capital of the world”

Cultural explorations

Cultures in Uganda varies from regions and tribes with over 52 tribes in Uganda other  than other countries in east Africa and Africa Uganda has more unique cultures and tribes but very welcoming and hospitable to visitors and most over them are open for tourism like the Buganda cultures, the Karamojong pastoralists , the Batwa pygmies that lives in the edges of Bwindi and Mgahinga national parks , the Ankole kingdom, the Toro kingdom, the Basonga culture and many more all you have chances to explore them.

You can also visit Ndere cultural center located in Kampala capital city of Uganda to explore of Uganda cultures and tribes through cultures dances, cultural costumes and many more things

Visiting the source of Nile in Jinja on Lake Victoria

River Nile is the longest River in east Africa and Africa at large and considered to be the second in the world located on Lake Victoria also the largest lake in east Africa shared by three countries that Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania but the source is located in Jinja city on Lake Victoria. You visit the source of Nile monument through an adventure boat cruise that takes you, through river Nile to the source Nile

The trip to Jinja city mostly to the source of Nile is mostly called as stimulating the adrenaline to the east of Uganda and their many activities that are done on river like tubing, white water rafting, kayaking, bungee jumping, swimming, fishing, horseback rides, quad biking, sky jet riding camping among others that may you choose on your visit to the source of river Nile.

 Other activities you can do while on trip to Uganda is zip lining in different parts of Uganda like in Mabira forest, lake Bunonyi, and ssese islands , you can also do mountain climbing to the mountain of the moon that takes for over 2 to 10 days according to your physical fitness, on your visit to Mgahinga you can also do Golden monkey tracking that is only done in Uganda in the Albertine region , Kampala city tour to visit different historical, cultural and religious sites in Uganda or visit Uganda’s trans night clubs in Kampala city