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Katwe Salt Lake


Katwe salt lake is an explosion crater lake and it was formed 500 million years ago after the continental drift theory. When it was being formed there was sedimentary rocks which were raised far away from the earth crust and raised on top of middle sacumufrency and developed lines of weakness.

We have got physical to physical geographical relationship with Lake Katwe and mountain Rwenzori as well as Lake Gorge. So mount Rwenzori has  got glaciers and with those glaciers we have got snow and within Kasese we crossed by equator and this means when heat hits the snow it melts and forms some rivers like Mubuku, Nyamwamba, Sebwe and Mpanga  and flows to Lake George feeling that depression and Kazinga channel.

Some of the inlets with fresh water then flows into Lake Katwe via the exposed sedimentary rocks and mix together to form saline water. So it is the very water they get from lake Katwe using pumping machines to the salt pans that artificial pan and they are owned by people and after getting water from the main source to the salt pan, the water will evaporate and this water contains sodium c and chlorine ions and they neutralize each other to form the salty crystals and water.

In 1975 SIR Harry matoni Stanley when he named mountain Rwenzori mountain of the moon as he was hiking he looked at this lake into the valley and paid visit to lake Katwe where he picked different types of salt and went with them in Alexandria that is on Swezi canal in Egypt and some them were taken in London for chemical test and analysis. Later he came back after 13 years during exploration and adventure showing the chemical results of Lake Katwe and recommended that it had got sodium sulphate, sodium carbonate, hydrogen sulphides, sodium chloride and ammonium gas.

Characteristics of Lake Katwe

  1. It is shallow you can move through with depth of 6feets.
  2. It has got inlets without outlets with its inlets like Kanyamiyumba, Kasambuni, Kakyindo, Kyambamba
  3. It has salty water
  4. It has fresh water

How to visit Lake Katwe

There are many ways of how can visit Katwe mostly on your trip to queen Elizabeth national park you can an evening or full day tour around lake Katwe and the surrounding community that is very welcoming and for birders Lake Katwe is one of the area in Katwe community were you will have chance to see lesser flamingo bird species in Uganda after the neighboring Lake Munyanyange were flamingos reside from octermber to April.

You can access katwe on your any trip in Uganda like field work students, researchers, cultural tour, leisure, honeymoon, wildlife and birding tour Lake Katwe shouldn’t be missed were you will have to interact with ladies that carry out salt mining by the help of experienced local guides that have been on this lake for about 60 years.

When booking your trip to Uganda with any tour company mostly in queen Elizabeth national park don’t forget to remind them that you want to see traditional salt lake in Uganda.

When is the best time to visit Lake Katwe salt Lake

You can visit lake Katwe at any day throughout the year both dry and rain season but is mostly by Ugandan students dry their dry season and in second term of Uganda  curriculum for field trips before they do their final exams. Just on your trip book queen Elizabeth include Katwe salt lake on your itinerary.

Other activities to around Lake Katwe on your visit

  1. Boat cruise :just behind lake katwe you will find lake Edward were you will have an opportunity to have boat cruise using community boat on Katwe fishing landing site or using the luxurious boat cruise of MV Kazinga that also operates on lake Edward where you have chance to view schools of hippos, water birds, fishermen and many crocodiles together with elephants and buffaloes on the banks of the lake
  2. Birding : you can also participate in birding on both  shores of lake Edward and on Lake Munyanyage for lesser flamingo watching
  3. Community visit: you will be taken for the community visit learn the cultural experience of the people around and also enjoy their cultural dances
  4. Fishing: fishing is also another activity you can participate on Lake Edward after your visit on Lake Katwe.