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Semuliki National Park


Semuliki national park is located in the remote par of western Uganda in Bwamba county bundibugyo district. Semuliki is 28 years old because it was established in 1993 making among the national parks in western Uganda.

In 1993 it was officially established as the national park it was gazeted 9 years ago and it cover the total land area of 220sq km, Semuliki joins other national parks like kibale forest national park as newest and it’s under kibale conservation area

It lies along the road from fort portal to bundibugyo which is approximately 52km, Semuliki borders with DR Congo in the east, Rwenzori Mountain in the south east while Lake Albert gathers in its north. The location clearly shows the park lies in with the Albertine rift valley in the western arm of the east African rift valley

It’s ever green vegetation approves that this park receives rain fall throughout the year. The rainiest month is March to May and September to December

Semuliki hosts 441 species of birders being named as the true birders heaven including the rare shoe bile stork and it’s in here were you find Uganda’s hottest hot spring known as Sempaya hot springs with both male and female hot springs while river Semuliki flows through the park.

How to get to Semuliki national park

Getting to Semuliki national park can take about 5– 6hours driving from kampala to Mubende – Fort Portal by road for 378kmsq with adventures views like the tea plantations  and primate viewing along sebitoli in kibale forest national park

You can also fly to Semuliki national park by from flying internally from Entebbe airport or Kajjansi airfield to kasese airstrip from their you can be picked by your safari guide and drive you to Semuliki national park avoiding the long hours of drive on the road


Birding in Semuliki national park (true birders heaven)

Semuliki is mostly known for being the great birders paradise and that’s why it was nicknamed as the “true birders heaven” with over 441 species of birder like great blue turaco, yellow throated nicator, pied kingfisher on river Semuliki, hammer kop, and many more. Shoe bile stork is sometimes seen on river Semuliki and Lake Albert at close quarters and sometimes ion forest walk and nature walks

Hiking and nature walk in Semuliki national park

Nature walk is done through the Kirumia trail that runs through the heart of the forest to Semuliki River. Walking through the forest to the male hot and female hot springs gives the tourists an opportunity to spot different animals like Black and white colobus monkeys, Grey Cheeked Mangabeys and red tailed monkeys.

The 30 – 40 minutes’ walk takes you the female and male hot spring where you have chance to learn the cultural behind the boiling water and your also provided with chance to cook some food like boiling eggs, tea and porridge

 Game drives in Semuliki national park

On your trip to Semuliki national park you can participate in game drive to have more of game viewing  having a chance to spot animals like  buffaloes, warthogs, elephants, antelopes like waterbucks, bush buck And Uganda kobs and also have chance to spot more birds that you have missed on nature walks and boat crudes

Community visit to Batwa trail in Semuliki national park

Originally the first settlers of this park where the Batwa pygmies and survived on the forest through hunting and food gathering like fruits and leaves and also used local herbs to treat themselves

Tourist in Semuliki national park willing to interact with the community will be taken to Batwa trail and be demonstrated on how they survived in the forest through hunting before they were relocated outside the forest

Boat cruise on river Semuliki in Semuliki national park

On your visit to Semuliki national park you shouldn’t miss on unforgettable boat cruise on river Semuliki that provides you with more chances of  spotting of wildlife like hippos, waterbuck, crocodiles and also the great views of DR Congo and also community people caring out fishing

For birders the boat cruise provides you with the great chances of viewing the beautiful shoe bile stork

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