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Kidepo Valley National Park

KIDEPO VALLEY NATIONAL PARK (the true African wilderness)

Kidepo Valley National Park is a 1,442 square kilometres national park in the Karamoja region in northeast Uganda. Kidepo is rugged savannah, dominated by the 2,750 metres Mount Morungole and transected by the Kidepo and Narus rivers.

Kidepo valley national park is the third largest national after queen Elizabeth and Murchison falls  park in Uganda covering a total land area of 1442kmsq located in the northern part of Uganda in the region of Karamajong pastoralists , bordering Sudan and north west Kenya in the north east of Uganda . Kidepo valley national park proves its name of being the true African wilderness and currently has been ranked among the must visit destinations.

Currently kidepo is taken to be among the virgin parks in the world by CNN. The landscape kidepo valley national park is really amazing and gives lifetime Adventure memories  with a lot of attraction with endemic species of birds over 24 species like ostrich birds, karomonja apris, rosling pelkits mention but few which are endemic in Uganda  and hosts of over 85 species of mammals including giraffes, buffaloes, lions, elephants and many species of antelopes like dikers, Uganda kobs, bush bucks , water buckers and many more.

Kidepo valley national park is located in semi arid climate receives little rain fall from the moth of April to September

How to access kidepo valley national par

Kidepo valley national park is located north east of Uganda and takes 9 to 10 drive by road although you can use different routes to kidepo valley national park

These routes to kidepo valley national (distance in kilometers)

  1. Gulu -Kitigum road to kidepo valley national park —571(9-10 hours) driver. This is the most popular route to kidepo valley national park
  2. Kampala, Mbale, Sironko, Nakapiripiti ,Moroto, Kotido to kidepo valley national —–740km(12 to 13 hours driver)
  3. Kampala, Mbale, Soroti, Moroto, Kotido, Kaabong, to kidepo valley national – 793km (12-13 hours drive). This route takes you to eastern direction of Uganda and crosses river nil before Jinja that separates eastern Uganda to central Uganda

However you can also access kidepo valley national park by flight from Kajjansi airfield to Lomej airstrip in kidepo valley national near the park head quarters for 2 hours flight. These are one of the easiest ways to kidepo valley national park.

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Kidepo valley national is one of the world’s popular game reserve because of its unique rewarding savannah plains  and it gives spectular views of wildlife and mount moroto. The drive is big distance but where get its worthy it.

There is a lot of wildlife to see because of its remoteness their a few people that have visited this park, the accommodations around kidepo valley national park are spectular with beautiful luxury rooms and top class facilities.

The nearby villages around kidepo will give you the authentic cultural experience after your wildlife experience with game and nature walks in the park

Plan your safari with truthful company in time that will plan your trip to kidepo valley national park to enjoy the authentic and ultimate views of wildlife in the scenic plains of the kidepo valley national park which  has plenty of wildlife and it cover total land area of 1442km squared being the third largest park in Uganda after Murchison falls national park and queen Elizabeth national park.

 Wildlife found in kidepo valley national park

  1. African elephants (loxodonta Africana)

In kidepo valley national park you will view savannah elephants grazing in the scenic plains of savanna grassland of kidepo valleys. Savannah elephants are the largest subspecies of elephants. They are easily distinguished by their very larger ears which allow them to radiate excess heat and front legs which are noticeably longer than hind legs. They are found throughout the grassy plains and bush land of Africa and in Uganda will find them in the plains of kidepo valley national park.

Savannah elephants are well studied and the populations are easily estimated. In the savanna subspecies, each family unit usually consists of around 10 females and their calves, and bulls associate with these herds only during mating. Several family units often join together to form a “clan” consisting of up to several hundred members led by female matriarch. The weight of the savanna elephants is 4-7 tons and you will view them watching in grassy bushes in the plains

  1. Solitary cape African buffaloes( syncerus caffer)

On your wildlife trip to kidepo valley national park your high chances of experience buffaloes grazing in the savanna plains of kidepo valley national park. African buffaloes are large bovine but slightly small than other species of buffaloes like water buffalo. Buffaloes are regarded as Avery dangerous animals because they are responsible for over 200 human deaths every year. They also belong the big five animals and you will herds of them in plains of kidepo valley national grazing. The plains of kidepo valley national parks will give you the authentic and ultimate viewing and experiencing of buffaloes, you can also your cameras for the wildlife photo moments while carrying out your game drive in kidepo valley national park.

  1. Lions in kidepo valley national park

Among the wildlife watched while on your game drives in kidepo valley national park are lions in the   grassy and savanna of kidepo, it’s an authentic experience meeting with the king of jungle in the wild.

Lions leave in a group called pride and the pride is composed of both 3 males, males and young ones and there is always dominant that takes control of the pride, the young one of lion is called cub or lionet. Females’ lions need 5kgs of meet per day and male lions needs 7kg and more per day.

Lions get their  meals after long tiresome hunting mostly done in skim down by female lions do 85 %- 90% of  group to hunt while males take part t protect their territories , in the wild lions live for about 12 -13 years and also up to 25 years in the captivity often known as the king of the of the jungle  whose mostly live in grassy or savanna, females lions reach two thirds of their adult size by the time of two years old and they hunt .larges animals like zebras, antelopes and buffaloes and they are only sleep for two which , means they are nocturnal

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  1. Giraffes (Rothschild’s) in kidepo valley national park

On your wildlife tour to kidepo valley national park you will have high chances of experiencing giraffes because their grassland savannah plains you have clear and spectacular views of giraffes grazing. Well know them as the smallest creatures in the world, but there are many more fascinating facts about giraffes that you don’t know and you could learn a lot on your wildlife trip to kidepo valley national park.

New born giraffes stand at around 6 feet taking or making them taller than most adult humans, although giraffes are very tall, the donn’t sleeps much. Most of them get around 10 minutes to 2 hours of sleep per day even when they get little amount of sleep required each day, they don’t lie down. Giraffe go to sleeping standing up most of the time, they also giraffes birth while standing up meaning that these creatures rarely have excuse to lie down and with in just 10 hours of birth, baby giraffes can run with their families without struggling

The giraffe tongue can be as long as 45cm, allowing them to get their lunch from trees. Between their pregnancies, female giraffes only have two week window in which to get pregnant

Giraffes can run upto speed of 35 miles per hour out running most horses, their long legs mean that they cover plenty of space in short amounts of time making their average walking speed around 1o miles per day

Visitors and tourist have always even wondered what sound does giraffe makes. This animals often short and hiss, but can also make very low sounds which are impossible for human to hear

A giraffe has the amazing eye sight, which means that they can wander way from one another but finds their way back easily. Male giraffes and female giraffes eat from distance on parts of the same tree.

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You will also experience more wildlife other than the mewntioned above like zebras, antelopes, spotted hyena, and leopards and many more like African ostrich bird

African ostrich bird

Kidepo valley national is famously known because of ostrich birds, after tour wildlife experience in there morning, you can be taken for the evening ostrich drives in the park around Kanangorok hot springs

Other than wildlife you will experience other activities like the unique cultural experience of Karamojong cultural famously known as pastoralist. You will walk to the community for the guided cultural village tour where you will get unique unforgettable experience and understanding of nomadic lifestyle around Karenga and kidepo. The elders will show you the kraals, grinding stone, local defense fence and cultural known as “Edonga”. During the tour of Karamojong Manyanttas (homesteads) you will see kraal belonging to the communities, tradition customs, stools, spears headdress, knives, bows and arrows and jewelry among others

The experience is to interesting and it as attracted many visitors to the community at their wildlife experience, they interested in visiting this nomadic community.

There are also interesting and worthy to take hand crafted souvenirs during your tour. Not to be missed on your community visit near the park staging cultural dance such as the Emuya of the Naporre and Nyangia , Larakaraka and Apiti dances of the Acholi are worthy to see and participate because  of the rewarding cultural experience their will add on your memories on your wildlife trip to Uganda and kidepo valley national park.

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