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Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth national park is located in south western part of Uganda the pearl of Africa and it’s among the most visited national park since its spans into different districts of Kasese, rubirizi, Mitooma , Rukungiri, Kanungu, Bushenyi and Kamwenge.

This park occupies 1978 km squared, the park extends from Lake George from north east and lake Edward to the south west and includes kazinga channel separating the park into two  sectors with the southern sector that includes Ishasha remote sector that is mostly known for tree climbing lions  and kyambura gorge known for chimpanzee and the northern sector that is mostly known for Mweya peninsula. Kasenyi plains known as mating grounds, katwe salt lake in katwe Kabatoro and equator line crossing monument.

This explains its establishment in 1952 queen was established as kazinga channel national park after two years later it was renamed to commemorate the queens Elizabeth the second (ii) the queen of England into Uganda and kazinga national park. Since then the park has become the must visit destination in Uganda and the most visited national park. Most lions are found in Ishasha sector for the rare tree climbing lions

It comprises the most popular savannah reserve and wildest, the home to over 95 species of mammals and 600 species of birds


The journey from kampala the capital city of Uganda to queen Elizabeth national park is about 6-7 hours drive by road ,  we have different routes that is kampala, Masaka, mbarara Bushenyi and then to queen Elizabeth national park or kampala , Mubende, fort portal , Kasese and then to queen Elizabeth national park both taking 6-7 hours

This means you have to prepare for many adventures along the way with the route chosen to take


Flying is the best option for travelers having short time on their vacation or willing to spend short time in Queen Elizabeth national park(less than three nights in Uganda). Flight to Queen Elizabeth national park departs from Kajjansi airfield by aero link Airline Company that operates internally in Uganda and it takes about 45 to minutes to kasese airstrip where you will be picked by your safari guide.

Flying to queen Elizabeth national park will offer you with the authentic beautiful aerial views of the park and Kampala city, the views are blended with spotted  shrubs, and major highlights of the park like kazinga channel, lake Edward, lake George and many crater lakes in the middle of the park.


Having chosen your safari vacation to Queen Elizabeth national park, the dry seasons from June to September is the best time for your safari to queen Elizabeth national park and queen Elizabeth [national park receives most local clients than other reserves because of its beautiful sceneries for field work studies by students .  June sees the start of dry season with low water levels’ and river banks of kazinga channel living with wildlife. You will be able to observe elephant’s hippos, waterbucks, Uganda kobs, crocodiles, birds while on your authentic adventure boat cruise and driving well during early morning game drives with no slippery routes



One of the absolute highlights of your trip to Queen Elizabeth national park is the adventure boat trip on kazinga channel. The 38km long channel long natural channel that links to Lake Edward and Lake George with an estimated terrain of about 914m above the sea level

The channel is one of the best spots of birding and it home to over 58 species of birds that you can view on your relaxing boat cruise on the channel and also providing you with viewing of high concentration schools of hippos in the world.

While on your adventure boat cruise on kazinga channel you will have chance to spot elephants, buffaloes cooling off their bodies.

Kazinga channel is also the home semi aquatic wildlife like Nile crocodiles, hippos and many others

The boat cruise on kazinga channel provides you with unforgettable experience on your trip to Queen Elizabeth national park.


Game drive is also another highlight of the safari in Queen Elizabeth national park. It is done in different sectors of the park that is kasenyi plains the mating grounds for Uganda kobs and provides you with the variety of wildlife viewing like the solitary cape buffaloes, African elephants, Uganda kobs, bush bucks , lions , hyenas, leopards alongside variety of birds

Another great area you shouldn’t miss on your visit to queen Elizabeth is ishasha sector to view the rare tree climbing lions that mostly seen in this area with 90% of meeting with the king of jungle climbing and resting up in the fig trees.


Chimpanzee tracking can be done at any time before 6pm., this means you get deserved clip to recover from previous tired travel and activities

Kyambura gorge gives the feeling of entering some ancient caves only that it’s made of forest, this gorge was formed by geological activity millions years ago and it’s now forest gorge. As you take in the beauty and natural feeling down in the gorge far away primate identification is another activity with a lot of chimpanzee seen alongside other monkeys

While booking your vacation to Uganda , you should have it mind that chimpanzee tracking in kyambura game reserve queen Elizabeth national park is  much cheap than for kibale national park. You therefore encouraged not miss your chimpanzee interaction while on your visit to Queen Elizabeth national park.


For birders queen Elizabeth national park shouldn’t miss on your birding destination since it presents with 600  species of birds like saddle billed stork, hammer kop, African morning doves, ring necked doves, scalar francolin, pied kingfisher, Egyptian geese and many more

Queen Elizabeth is the first destination in Uganda and east Africa with many species of birds and second in Africa putting Uganda in the number birding destination in Africa contributing with 10% of bird count in the world and 50% Africa’s bird count

Queen Elizabeth mass many areas for spotting birds like kazinga channel, katwe salt lake and Munyanyange for seasonal lesser flamingos and many others


Queen Elizabeth national park is surrounded by many local tribes and communities like the bakiga in ishasha community, the katwe Kabatoro with the Banyanyange tribe, Bakanjo around Banyaruguru tribe.

You will have worthy while enjoying the cultural customs and belief of community visited by enjoying cultural dancers, cultural items.

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