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Mabira Forest Reserve


Mabira forest is the central forest reserve and ever green rain forest in Uganda and it’s the only rain forest in central Uganda in Buganda kingdom. Mabira forest is just found 54 km from Kampala the capital city of Uganda 26km from Jinja city were source of River Nile is located the longest River. Since 1932 the forest has been protected as forest reserve and it’s the only place in the world where you can find the Uganda magabey specie of monkeys

Mabira forest covers 306sqkm and it contains 312 species of trees, 315 species of birds, 218 species of butterflies, and 97 moth species, 23 species of small mammals and over 8 species of primates and it has some waterfalls inside and you only hear birds sounds and flowing waterfalls.

For bird lovers the forest is home to 315 species of birds with 60km trail for the nature walk and it has been listed among the best birding destinations in east Africa.


  1. ZIP LINING:Mabira forest has the only zip lining on top of forest and its only found in east Africa and in Uganda. You start from 40m and come down to 12m and its one of the lifetime adventures that will reward with lifetime moments and it also gives you chance to explore hidden gems of this forest
  2. Birding: Mabira forest is home to over 315 bird species and it has been ranked among the best birding destination in Uganda with species like Great Blue Turaco, African Grey Parrot, Hornbill, African pita, sun bird and many more.
  3. Nature walk: mabira forest has organized trails for nature walks while enjoying the sights and sounds of birds and the flowing Griffin falls and it helps you also to discover more hidden gems in the forest like bird, primates, medicinal plants and many more
  4. Picnics and honeymoon: Mabira forests also hosts picnics done in the middle of the forest to enjoy the cool weather and it makes you feel the real Uganda nature.
  5. Research: you also visit Mabira forest for research like students doing conservation courses and medical students because the forest has 3 species of tree for research, herbalist and botany.
  6. Primate watching: Mabira forest is the home some species of primates like olive baboons, red tailed monkeys, white colubus monkeys and many more including the endemic Uganda magabey monkey also seen in Mabira forest in the world

How to get to Mabira forest

Mabira forest is located in Buikwe district and it has only one means of transport to the forest. You can get Mabira forest and it takes over 1 hour drive or less according to the traffic jam from Kampala to the forest.

Booking trip to Mabira forest

You will contact registered Tour Company on how you can enjoy the activities in Mabira forest and the company will provide you with the budget and the activities to enjoy, after choosing your activities you will proceed with the payment and have wonderful trip to the forest

But you can also visit Mabira on your trip to Jinja the source of River Nile or on your long birding trip to Uganda

Threats of Mabira forest

Although the forest is under the management of National forest authority it has big number of threats like charcoal burning, illegal lumbering and poaching and also forest encroachment by Uganda investors willing to take the forest for sugarcane and tea growing with even some community people encroaching the forest for farming