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Reasons why gorilla trekking is interesting in Uganda


Uganda is land locked country characterized by intensive beautiful valleys, terrains, lakes and streams. It is the home of half of the world’s population the greats apes. What makes Uganda so expressional in the world is because of its outstanding variety of wildlife, this is small beautiful country and it’s popularly of being the home of the home to half of world’s mountain gorillas the critically endangered species of the gentle giants located along the mountain southern borders of Rwanda Democratic republic of Congo.

The majestic Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and nearby mgahinga gorilla national park are some the gorilla protected areas and Uganda’s African and remaining central tropical rain forest and the home to Uganda’s revamping mountain gorilla population.

The way to see gorilla is to purchase gorilla permit through trusted tour company from Uganda wildlife authority. The park is accessible by vehicle from Entebbe international airport by 9 hour drive from Kampala city to Bwindi or Mgahinga gorilla national parks or from Kigali airport in Rwanda which takes 4 hours’ drive. Many visitors to Uganda wildlife long safari choose to do gorilla trekking in Uganda enjoying the magnificent variety of amazing sceneries En-route.

In the morning exposure you will be led by ranger guides into the dense fully rain forest, you hike along narrow and winding foot path and due to rain slippery and often steepy with round cube hike that can take 6-8 hours from here you need you need some walking physical fitness but you can usually request fort short hike, the most sign for making close will be distinct calls that will bring out of the forest 

As you approach the profound familiarity and intelligent mountain gorillas that live most in sweetness and kindness is everybody experience is very unique. But gorillas generally don’t pay much of the attention and remain on their business, you likely to sea young ones playing and the mothers taking take care of their babies and your presence is slightly observed by male silverback takes the control of the family at times, gorillas may come close and switch but don’t panic just fallow the rules given by the ranger guides and the activity takes 1 hour unless if you opt to go for gorilla habituation that takes 4 hours

Your often grantee to see gorillas on your gorilla trek in Uganda and they completely live in the wild but the 100% grantee can’t be given to you although they can be closely monitored by the Uganda wildlife authority rangers and your likely would to see them is very high.

Gorilla trekking is not dangerous, their no recorded incidence of serious attack on visitors by gorillas on the trek despite having the strength to fight than other wild animals. It is important to know that mountain gorillas which their trek is optimized to visitors have become habituated to the presence of humans. This process is slow one and gently familiar for the gorillas to become to humans for more than two years and on your gorilla trek your given rules to follow by your ranger guides because they go deep to understand their behaviours

Uganda like the nature of East Africa is governed by four season and this are in two ways the wet season and dry season

From December to January and June to September a best time to see gorillas but you can also see gorillas in wet season. Mountain gorillas leave in tropical rain forest and it can never be dry and mountain gorillas and don’t migrate and visitors can see mountain gorillas all year around and we highly recommend booking gorilla permit any month and do your gorilla trekking

Mountain gorillas pressure from human activities, conflict and poaching. Mountain gorillas become to extinction in 1980s  to less than 620 individuals and today the mountain population is strictly increasing to over 1000 individuals sustainable tourism has been decisive revisable on trend. As of 2018 the ISCAN and even this has reversed mountain gorilla population from critically endangered to strictically endangered.

But mountain gorilla conservation and habituation and the increase of gorilla population and creation of gorilla parks displaced the batwa from their ancient forests where they lived and this was done by Uganda government and UNSECO

I would recommend your gorilla trekking safari in Uganda than Rwanda because the gorilla permit in Rwanda is too expensive than the one for Uganda which sold at 700USD and Uganda has more than 18 habituated gorilla families ready for trekking and half of the world’s population than Rwanda and this puts Uganda has more chances and offers good chance for gorilla trekking.

You can also participate on different activities that also rewards visitors with authentic experience like lake Bunyonyi,Queen Elizabeth national for game viewing ,hiking mountain Rwenzori ,Jinja city to see the source of river Nile and do white water rafting , Murchison falls national park for amazing boat and wildlife game viewing